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October 6th Playlist: Cloths of Heaven - Songs Related to Irish Literature and Poetry

Something a little different for this playlist; a collection of songs that  have roots or reference points in Irish literature and poetry. Tracks include words from the likes of Patrick Kavanagh & Brendan Behan. Also featured is Séamus Heaney, music with interest to Joyceans and of course WB Yeats.

September 15th Playlist: Martin Furey - 10 Years A King.

In honour of Martin Furey's time as a High King we present this special playlist featuring some of his best THK tracks along with some other special pieces of Martin's music.

August 25th 2017 - Green, White & Gold. Songs of Irish Pride.

All of this week's tracks celebrate Ireland, Irishness and what it is to have roots on this island.


August 4th 2017 - A New Hope.  Great Current Irish Songs & Musicians.

So here is the fresh playlist, this time featuring some of the newer Irish sounds that have caught our ears and attention over the last while.

More to be heard from many of the featured artists...


July 14th 2017 - Eye On the Ball. Great Irish Sports Related Songs.

A selection of great tracks about and related to Irish sport. Have a good game...


July 7th 2017 - Knowing Your Place. Great Songs About Irish Locations.

This week we are concentrating on the homeland.

As a follow on from the songs about America and some of its significant locations, here are tracks about Ireland and some of its special places.


June 30th 2017 - Feel the Fourth. Great Irish Songs About America.

With July 4th on the horizon, here is a collection of Irish tracks to do with America and some of its locations with special significance to the Irish.  

Have an Independent Day !


June 23rd 2017 - Calling The Tune. Great Irish Instrumentals.

The focus in previous weeks has tended towards the singing of the songs so this week we decided to go the other direction.

Here is the new playlist featuring some great Irish instrumental tracks....some very well know pieces and some a little more obscure.

Listen on.


June 16th 2017 - Heavenly Sounds. Great Irish Female Vocalists.

So as last week it was songs about women, this week it really had to be a selection of some of the best Irish female singers.

The reality is more have been left out than have been included so listen out for part two in the future. Enjoy these incredible vocalists....


June 9th 2017 - Always A Lady. Great Irish Songs About Women.

A set of Irish songs all about women, not all of them are love songs mind you !

Tracks range from old classics like The Dubliner's version of 'Molly Malone' to more contemporary tunes like U2's 'The Sweetest Thing'.


June 2nd 2017 - Sing With Us. Great Irish Vocals & Lyrics.

So we thought we'd kick off with a selection of classic songs that feature the both the range of vocal dexterity and widespread subject matter that Irish artists have displayed over the years.

They are all great tracks but particular favourites of ours include the brilliant Irish ska of 'Courtin' in the Kitchen' and the version of 'Spancill Hill' which stays true but adds something new.

There are a couple of interesting cover versions of non Irish written songs you might spot also ! Enjoy them all...        

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