Wolfe Tones - Till Ireland A Nation


Wolfe Tones' ‘Till Ireland a Nation’, originally released in 1984 , is the groups’ sixth album. This album really saw the group cement their position as one of Ireland’s leading traditional acts and features a number of political songs including ‘The Boys of the Old Brigade’ and ‘The Broad Black Brimmer’.

1. Highland Paddy 2. Traveling Doctor's Shop 3. My Green Valleys 4. The Boys of the Old Brigade 5. Children of Fear 6. The Boys of Fair Hill 7. The Bodenstown Churchyard 8. The Grandfather 9. The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale 10. The Broad Black Brimmer 11. Laugh and the World Laughs with You 12. A Soldier's Life 13. Give Me Your Hand  13. Must Ireland Divided Be 15. Ireland Over All