Christy Moore - Journey DVD


CHRISTY MOORE JOURNEY REGION 0 PAL FORMAT Christy Moore has spent the last 50 years of his life on the road. It is an endless journey - always changing, challenging and revitalising. The substance of the journey is the songs and how they confront and celebrate the times we live in. They also reflect on times past and look forward to the future. The songs have told the story of our lives over many decades and continue to live in the present. We travelled with Christy for 5 months, bringing the songs to the locations that inspired them and meeting the people connected to them. It was a heartening journey, which re-awoke and renewed many songs, bringing new life and meaning to them. It also brought to light how the songs resonate with so many people and tell the story of our culture and identity. Christy Moore's words and music have given us a greater insight into understanding who we really are. This is the story of his journey. 2 x 52 minute episodes There is also a bonus disc of the full-length film: Christy's Life on the Road (1hour 20 minutes)