Sean O'Neill Band -Fifty Irish Party Songs


Sean O'Neill Band's '50 Irish Party Songs' compiles some of the most well known Irish songs associated with partying and 'the craic' including 'Galway Races' and 'Phil The Fluters Ball'. Guarantees a great musical backdrop to any party.

CD1 1. At McCarthy's Party 2. O'Hara From Tara 3. McNamara From Mayo 4. The Blarney Stone 5. Up The Kingdom 6. Reel Rakes of Mallow 7. My Beauty of Limerick 8. Kitty of Coleraine 9. Sweet Rosie O'Grady 10. O'Brien Has No Place to Go 11. Galway Races 12. Paddy Works On The Railway 13. Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down 14. Oul’ Lamma’s Fair 15. Moonlight In Mayo 16. My Donegal Shore 17. Any Tipperary Town 18. The Bonny Boy 19. When You Were Sweet Sixteen 20. Mush Mush Tooraliaddy 21. Quare Bungle Rye 22. Cushy Butterfield 23. Shamus O'Brien 24. Star of the County-Down 25. My Irish Molly-O 26. Are You There Moriarty 27. Mick McGilligans Ball CD2 1. Rose of Castlerea 2. Pretty Little Girl From Omagh 3. Where the Grass Grows the Greenest 4. The Ferryman 5. Gentle Mother 6. Old Rustic Bridge 7. One Day At A Time 8. Phil The Fluters Ball 9. Little Beggarman 10. Paddy McGintys Goat 11. Town of Ballybay 12. Slevenamon 13. Come Back Paddy Reilly 14. Mountains of Mourne 15. Doonaree 16. Cliffs of Dooneen 17. Banks of My Own Lovely Lee 18. The Nightingale 19. Moonshine 20. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 21. Sing Irishmen Sing 22. Mick McGilligan's Daughter Mary Ann 23. The Old Woman 24. All For Me Grog 25. Famous Shamus 26. Jig Dingle Regatta