The Best of Riverdance 1995-2005


The 'Riverdance' phenomenon has seen the show performed all over the world. This documentary on the popular musical follows its evolution, from its beginnings in Dublin up to its global success in places as diverse as New York City and Geneva. Highlights from the various performers who have taken roles in the performances around the world prove to be the best highlights, with Michael Flatley, Jean Butler, and many others displaying their talents. Of course the music is important as well, and it's fascinating to see various bands from different countries interpreting Bill Whelan's sensational score.

* Format: DVD ALL REGION * Release Year: 2005 * Certification: U (Suitable for All) / G (Fit for viewing by persons generally) * Running Time: 114 minutes * Aspect Ratio: Feature - 16.9 Anamorphic * Leading Roles: Michael Flatley | Jean Butler * Director: John McColgan * Producer: Moya Doherty * Score Composer: Bill Whelan