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The Three Jays - To All Those Little Darlings


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To All Those Little Darlings’ commemorates Ireland’s ‘lost children’ and the songs relate to the people, events, and stories involved.

The ‘To All Those Little Darlings’ project came to be almost out of the blue. John Gibbs met JoerdisTielsch by chance and wanted to record a couple of songs for another project. However the songs and energy of ‘To All Those Little Darlings’ took over! Together with a couple of other musicians, they started with ‘Magdalene Laundry’, then followed with ‘The Ballad of Philomena Lee’, then ‘Anthony Lee’. By the time they got to song number 6, John had come to the realization that it had become a full project that would result in a full album. Joerdis Tielsch, 21 years old with her beautiful voice and powerful violin playing, gave a lovely touch and Juergen with his studio and fine ear made everything complete. After reading the book ‘Empty Cradles’ by Margaret Humphreys John wrote the song ‘To the Forgotten Children’. Many, many children were sent to Australia from orphanages in Ireland, the last child to be sent there was in 1968. The song tells the story of a 10-year boy who was sent there. Some years later after reading the book and watching the film ‘Philomena’ by Martin Sixsmith John wrote ‘The Ballad of Philomena Lee’ and ‘The Ballad of Anthony Lee’, her son, both victims of Mothers and Babies Homes, ‘The Home’ was written about the notorious Mothers and Babies Home in Tuam Co.Galway run by the Bon Secours Sisters. The Magdalene Laundries is the subject matter for the song ‘Magdalena Laundry’; the home of many young girls and their babies as well as ‘The Ballad of Martin Steed’, another victim. The album also features ‘Anne Frank’ based around John’s reading of the diaries, ‘Why?’ an out and out anti-war song, while‘Mise Eire and the Black Fields’ was based on the book by ‘The Graves are Walking’ by John Kelly. ‘For All Those Little Darlings’ was inspired by Catherine Corless and her tireless dedication.

1. Magdalena Laundry

2. The Ballad of Martin Steed

3. The Ballad of Philomena Lee

4. The Home

5. Why?

6. Anne Frank

7. Mise Eire and the Black Fields

8. To the Forgotten Children

9. The Ballad of Anthony Lee

10. For All Those Little Darlings