Bagatelle - 25th Anniversary


Bagatelle’s ‘Twenty Fifth Anniversary’ celebrates 25 years of the band’s music and collects all their hits to date on 2CDs. Featuring Summer In Dublin, Tipperary, Its A Long Way, Streets of New York and If You Ever Come Back From England.

CD1 1. Summer In Dublin 2. Trump Card 3. Love Is The Reason 4. Second Violin 5. Rock N Roll Fantasy 6. Leeson Street Lady 7. Raining In Paris 8. Johnny Set Em Up 9. Jersey Girl 10. Farewell 11. Tipperary, Its A Long Way 12. Heartache Street 13. Thinking Of You CD2 1. All Fall Down Philadelphia 2. Kiss Away From Heaven 3. Half As nice 4. Galway 5. A Few Steps Away 6. Streets of New York 7. Mr. Harley Mr. Davidson & Me 8. Bainbridge Avenue 9. Shoot For The Moon 10. Flight Of The Earls 11. Summer Hideaway 12. If You Ever Come Back From England 13. Boston Rose 14. Somewhere In Europe