Bagatelle - Greatest Hits 3 CD Set


Bagatelle’s ‘Greatest Hits’ is a 3CD set compiling 46 tracks from the entire career of the band. The band have achieved something outstanding by reaching it’s 40th Anniversary, and for the music to still be as popular now as when first released is testimony to the power of the songs. Bagatelle’s ‘Summer in Dublin’ kick started the band’s amazing run of hits; songs that would become household favourites in Ireland and eventually all over the globe. From humble beginnings and endless gigs, the band toured Ireland for 2 years and then found ‘overnight’ success when ‘Summer in Dublin’ went straight to No. 1. This success was followed by many other hits like ‘Second Violin’, ‘Trump Card’, ‘Leeson Street Lady’, ‘All Fall Down’, ‘Philadelphia’, ‘Johnny Set ‘Em Up’, ‘Love is the Reason’, ‘I Need You’, to name a few…all of these tracks and many more can be found on this extensive compilation. These songs certainly stood the test of time and still sound as good as ever! Bagatelle continues touring at home and abroad; in far flung places across Europe, U.S., United Emirates, and China as well as in Ireland.

CD1 1. Summer in Dublin 2. Streets Of New York 3. Somewhere in Europe 4. Trump Card 5. Flight of The Earls 6. Boston Rose 7. Johnny Set ‘Em Up 8. I Found Something 9. Too Far Gone Come 10. Gentle Maiden 11. Beer and the Bible 12. Summer Hideaway 13. Mr. Harley Mr. Davidson & Me 14. How Can You 15. Galway CD2 1. Second Violin 2. Jersey Girl 3. Leeson Street Lady 4. I Need You 5. Love Is The Reason 6. Rock N Roll Fantasy 7. If You Ever Come Back From England 8. Day Dreaming 9. Come Back To You 10. Fatally Attracted 11. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 12. Going Back To Ireland 13. Patricks Day In Savannah 14. Star of Another Night 15. Highway Blues CD3 1. Is It Raining In Paris 2. Bainbridge Avenue 3. All Fall Down Philadelphia 4. The Next 12 Days At Christmas 5. Half As Nice 6. Tipperary Its A Long Way 7. New York Times 8. Please Don’t Forget To Remember 9. A Few Steps Away 10. Heartache Street 11. Thinking of You 12. Kiss Away From Heaven 13. Living Without You 14. Baby I Cant Take It Anymore 15. Farewell 16. Taking It All In My Stride