Celtic Serenity - Lifesongs


Celtic Collections presents ‘Celtic Serenity’ the new album by Life Songs featuring 10 tracks of beautiful, Irish music designed to soundtrack meditative moments and thoughtful times. The music featured on Celtic Serenity has been composed to reflect the landscapes and natural beauty of Ireland while providing the soothing sounds most conducive to a clear mind and relaxed body. The track titles describe the moods of each piece while the music leads the listener on a journey through their own Celtic heartland. Each song, while following from the last and leading to the next, is its own individual composition, carefully created to fit the flow. There is also a Continuous Mix version of the album being released. The quality of the work on ‘Celtic Serenity’ ensures that it will serve as music to the ears and a balm to the body as a whole.

TRACKLISTING: 1. The Beginning ( Pensive Preparations ) / 2.Across the Hills ( Deep Breathing) / 3. Serenity (Physical Relaxation) / 4. The Western Sky ( Ease of Mind ) / 5. Mountain Dreams ( Meditative Mood ) / 6. The Evergreen Way ( Calming Reflections ) / 7. An Old Song ( Mindful Moments ) / 8.Emerald Island (Deep Focus ) / 9. Island Lament (Healing Waves ) / 10. Easy Lullaby ( Wellness Rest )