Fresh Water Pearl Trinity Stud Earrings


Freshwater pearls and sterling silver make for a winning combination as showcased with these graceful stud earrings. Elegant and timeless, the combination of the Irish Trinity knot and superb freshwater pearl make these earrings a popular choice for bridal parties or as a special gift for a loved one. The cornerstone of Celtic art, the trinity knot dates back to the 7th century. The exact meaning has been lost in the mists of time but several interpretations suggest the Trinity Knot represents the Christian Holy Trinity when displayed on its own, as it is in several ancient stone monuments still standing in Ireland. According to the Celts, the most important things in the world came in threes; three domains (earth, sea and sky), three elements, three stages of life etc. It is also possible that the Triquetra signified the lunar and solar phases. The Trinity knot continues to inspire Irish jewelry design and remains an enduring Celtic symbol of eternity. A matching pendant can also be found here.