Rua - Dream Teller


Rua’s ‘Dream Teller’ is the band’s second album and features 12 songs along with 2 bonus tracks. The songs are a mix of traditional and contemporary, from ‘Ride On’ to ‘Carrickfergus’, all performed in the original Rua style. Rua was Gloria Mulhall and Liz Madden.

1. Ride On 2. A Gentle Touch 3. Black Is The Colour 4. Tender 5. Dream Of Kerfunten 6. Le Marais 7. Klezmer 8. Sails Of Gold 9. Carrickfergus 10. Suan 11. I Am Ireland 12. Dream-teller 13. *Carrickfergus (English version) 14. *Le Marais (French version)