Sean O'Neill Band -Fifty Irish Pub Songs


Sean O'Neill Band's '50 Irish Pub Songs' compiles some of the most well known Irish songs associated with the pub, drinking and 'the craic' including 'Molly Malone' and 'Dicey Riley' and lots of other Irish favourites . Guarantees a great musical backdrop to any drinking session.


1. If You're Irish

2. Bold O'Donaghue

3. I'll Tell Me Ma

4. Courtin' In the Kitchen

5. Wild Rover

6. Molly Malone

7. I Belong To Glasgow

8. Loch Lomond

9. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

10. The Irish Rover

11.Brennan On The Moor

12. Wild Colonial Boy

13. Murisheen Durkin

14. Rose Of Aranmore

15. Where The Three Counties Meet

16. Where My Eileen Is Waiting

17. Danny Boy

18. Galway Bay

19. Rose of Tralee

20. Goodbye Johnny Dear

21. Old Bog Road

22. Farewell To Galway

23. Whiskey In The Jar

24. Waxies Dargle

25. Dicey Riley


1. Whiskey You'er The Devil

2. The Holy Ground

3. It's A Long Way To Tipperary

4. Hello Patsy Fagan

5. Come Down the Mountain Katie Daly

6. When I Was Single

7. Love Is Teasing

8. Never Wed an Old Man

9. Boys of Killybegs

10. Tim Finnegan's Wake

11. Old Maid In A Garret

12. Goodbye Mick

13. Dublin O'Shea

14. Moonshiner

15. Juice of the Barley

16. Rosin The Bow

17. Maggie

18. Silver Threads Among the Gold

19. Fiddlers Green

20. Black Velvet Band

21. Boul' Thady Quill

22. Boys From The Co.Armagh

23. Garden Where The Praties Grow

24. Dan O'Hara

25. Home Boys Home

26. Jig-Tongs By the Fire