Sharon Shannon - Out The Gap


1994 saw the release of Sharon Shannon's 'Out The Gap' and it was quite a departure, recorded and mixed between Westland Studios in Dublin and Sparkside Studios in Brixton with the legendary Denis Bovell producing and writing some of the tracks. The production of this album was a departure not only for Sharon but also for the notion of Irish traditional music. The reggae influenced production values highlights Out The Gap as a very interesting chapter in Sharon's career. As with Sharon Shannon, and what was to become the norm, a catalogue of great musicians took part in the recording of this album, which reinforced all the good things said and written about Sharon and her hugely successful debut three years earlier. Waterboy Trevor Hutchinson was here, as was sax player Richie Buckley, with future Lúnasa guitar player, Donogh Hennessy, providing his usual impeccable playing. These formed the nucleus of the studio band along with the Denis Bovell Dub band members; Paul Blake on drums, Fari on percussion, Henry Holder on keyboards and Johnny T on fiddle. As well as these international stars and players Sharon had the noless talented but much more familiar (to her) pair of Mary Shannon and Mary Custy.

1. Sparky 2. The Big Mistake 3. Sandy River Belle 4. The Mighty Sparrow 5. Butterflies 6. Thunderhead 7. Bungee Jumpers 8. Out The Gap 9. Maguire And Paterson 10. Reel Beatrice 11. The Duke Of York's Troupe 12. Bjorn Again Polka