Wolfe Tones - 1916 Remembered. The Easter Rising


Wolfe Tones' ‘1916 Remembered. The Easter Rising’ was released in 2006 and compiles all the Wolfe Tones songs associated with the Easter Rising on one release. Essentially all the songs commemorate the heroes of Easter Week 1916 and the rise to Irish independence. The album features such favourites as ‘Padraic Pearse’ and ‘Only Our Rivers Run Free’ along with 18 other songs. For over 40 years The Wolfe Tones have been synonymous with singing the songs that tell the history of Ireland and no one incident has left its mark as much as that cold morning on Easter Monday 1916 when a group of Irish Volunteers took over the GPO and proclaimed the Irish Republic, the founding act of the democratic Irish State. 2006 marked the 90th anniversary of the Irish Declaration of Independence and the Wolfe Tones put together this collection of their songs to commemorate the occasion, including many of their greatest hits. This album will be of great interest to anyone interested in Irish history and in particular that famous week in 1916.

1. Padraic Pearse 2. Grace 3. God Save Ireland 4. Ireland Unfree 5. The Broad Black Brimmer 6. Never Beat the Irish 7. Banna Strand 8. Gra mo Croi 9. Only Our Rivers Run Free 10. The Grand Father 11. The Rebel 12. James Connolly 13. The Devil Is Dead 14. Women of Ireland 15. The Connaught Rangers 16. The Soldiers Return 17. The Boys of the Old Brigade 18. Ireland My Ireland 19. Teddy Bear’s Head 20. A Nation Once Again