Wolfe Tones - 50th Anniversary Concert. Limited Edition 6CD + 3DVD Set Boxset


The Wolfe Tones 50th Anniversary 3 DVD / 6 CD Limited Edition Box Set' was Recorded at 'Wolfe Tones Fest' - Citywest Hotel, Dublin, Easter Weekend 2014. On Easter weekend, 2014, The Wolfe Tones - Brian Warfield, Noel Nagle and Tommy Byrne, celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a series of concerts attended by over 4000 people from 18 different countries. It was a unique gathering of their friends and fans from around the world for one very special weekend at Wolfe Tones Fest. We are delighted to present this special event, captured forever in digital format on 3 DVD’s and 6 CD’s, a 9-disc boxset that will be a cherished collector's item for Wolfe Tones fans around the globe. There were three different concerts over the weekend of 'Wolfe Tones Fest', the first night was with a full symphony orchestra, a unique happening that was enjoyed by the many who attended. The earthy sound of The Wolfe Tones backed by the rich, lavish sounds of the orchestra made a wonderful musical combination. So just put on your headphones, sit back, relax and you too can enjoy this rich musical experience that was captured on DVD and CD for all to enjoy. The songs of The Wolfe Tones will take you on a voyage through time, with songs, both original and traditional, that have reflected the history of our life time, the soundtrack of our lives. Brian Warfield’s original compositions, numbering over 120, have enriched the folk heritage of Ireland to an amazing degree. No copycat melodies but pure and magical musical pieces married to his poetic words. Brian paints the picture honestly, and sometimes forcefully, of the subject matter he has chosen to write about. You will enjoy this selection of songs, some old favourites and some making their debut after fifty years. It took a while to get around to them but it's better late than never. The third night was a night of story, the history of Irish resistance from 1798 up until the historic Easter Rising of 1916. The great heroes of Ireland remembered as they should be by The Wolfe Tones who have never shirked their duty to the past generations of Irish Rebels and Heroes. The men and women who resisted the conquest of Ireland across the centuries deserve to be remembered by our generation, who, because of their sacrifice and gallant efforts, gave us the gift of a Nation that has won great respect all over the world. When the musical historians of the future wish to understand and chart the career of The Wolfe Tones, they need look no further than this boxset, it is a time capsule of the group’s amazing career that has spanned 5 decades and has endeared them to countless thousands of fans across the world and across generations. We hope that you will enjoy this 50th Anniversary release for many years to come.

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